The brand was founded in 2020 by the swiss collective Michel, Lino and Raphael.

With all of them stemming from a working-class background, it was of importance to them to reflect this circumstance in their joint venture. Growing up in a setting of hard-working parents that paved the way for them, it was exactly this mindset that they wanted to embody and manifest in their brand – hence the name:

PEÓN; {English / ˈpiːɒn /, from the Spanish peón [peˈon])}

The principal idea which acted as soil for PEÓN to emerge, was to counteract on fast fashion which didn’t fulfil their personal requirements of sustainability, design and quality. Diversity and inclusivity being a strong marker in their vision for the brand, they embarked on a journey to bring all these elements together. 

Believing in a slow but steady growth of their label, the fundamental focus lies on minimalistic garment designs combined with playful colour compositions, that fit all genders. The range of products expands to accessories that serve a purpose and can be worn as statement pieces on their own.

The production partners are selected carefully, always ensuring that the principles of a high standard product are adhered by. The items are all produced in Portugal by certified companies that made a promise to manufacture under fair conditions, taking humans and nature into consideration.

PEÓN identifies with the core values of hard work, discipline, intention and diligence – which will guide them in their humble beginnings towards the establishment of a powerful and persistent brand.



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